Friday, May 8, 2015

How To Make A Virus That Can Shutdown A PC?

Folks, today I am going to create a virus that is capable to shut-down a pc. This is a virus that only works on windows based computers. This will be a bat file and will be made through our Notepad program. Yes, this is a notepad trick. I suggest you to use this virus just for educational purpose and sometimes for fun. Don’t try to destroy your and others time using this virus. This virus looks very simple but it can harm you a lot. This is not a simple virus that can only shut-down your PC, it also deletes every files that are required for reboot.
What Should I Do?
Let’s come to the point without wasting our time on more discussion. Here are some of the basic steps that you should follow to make this simple notepad virus.
What shouldn’t I Do?
You should not use this virus for exploiting others. The most important point is that you must not use this on your computer else you won’t be able to use your pc unless you perform the installation on OS.
You have successfully made the virus. Now, you can use it for fun but don’t harm others without any reason. Recently I wrote an article on the topic “How to Make a Virus to Format Hard Disk?” Have a look to this article and find out some more notepad tricks.
Final Words:

Friends! I tried my best to help you on making this simple virus. Right? Now, kindly leave a comment below and take care.

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